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What's most important for your business right now? Creative Disruption?

Disrupting thought patterns and challenging your thinking leads to innovation .
Success requires fresh thinking and continuous innovation .

Well it probably isn't doing exactly the same things you have been doing . It's a fast paced changing world out there full of complexity.

Most CEOs and business owners brains are overloaded. Finding the answers on your own can be difficult and challenging , so my brain. Two minds working creatively together are far better than one.
Should you just copy what the others do? You can and that would be easy. If every person is unique then so should your business be too. So pause and think for a moment or two.

Are there opportunities and profits that you currently missing ?

Do you have time to consider some other possibilities? Complexity poses an opportunity, rather than a threat.Together let's seize opportunities and take your business up to the next level !

You will get bigger profits faster with a FOCUS for the future strategy

Hey , do you really want to be just like all the others out there ?

Be Unique , Focus for the Future with simple , easy to use , proven strategies developed uniquely for you and your business.

Many people think they will have more opportunities and profit if they spread their net wider . But have you noticed in todays global marketplace , that you are bombarded with a constant flow of complex information . Many peoples brains are plain overloaded . Even if you are full of ideas , to standout you need to be focused , stay focused and be challenged. Picking the right competitive idea and staying on track and one step ahead is difficult . Do you want to be successful winning the competitive war battle out there ?

Do you want to win in the competitive war out there ?

Melanie Bardin , Babta Products ltd

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In the last 20 years the world market and trade has changed significantly.John Cook delivers engaging presentations and keynotes to groups and businesses showing how to focus for the future to take advantage of opportunities.

"We have speakers talk to our club every week and needless to say some fit into the okay category and some fit into the very good category. You on the other hand fit into the EXCEPTIONAL CATEGORY!!..........I have been in the speaking business for some years and have spoken to many groups over the 17 years I ran SMI (a personal development company). I found out what worked on the platform and what didn't by trial and error. You John have got the talent to keep your audiences attention, deliver what you want them to know, make them think, and most of all have them remember you."......Brian Lukacs....

Clare Feeney,Joint winner "Outstanding Contribution Award", NZ Association of Resource Management, November 2009

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The most enjoyable people to work with want to improve their business results fast. In fact I guarantee to get my clients fast results because that is just the way I work .

Business owners who want to stand out from their competition.

Typically business owners have some blind spots about their business . Helping you see into these blind spot areas of untapped opportunities. Which often are the very things that are holding the business back from making more money.

In the first 2 to 3 months we will put a few things in place that will begin to turn your business into the kind of success you have always wanted it to be.

To find out more you can click here to organize for us to have a chat about getting your business , Focused for the Future.

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