8 Questions that are frequently asked

What kind of businesses do you work with usually..?
There are all sorts of business that need some help. I specialise in small and medium businesses with a turnover range between $250,000 to $10M, and teams ranging from 1 to 100.

How much does it cost...?
First of all working with me is not a cost... it's an investment.
Now some people might think my services are expensive and that's great. I'm not offering some bargain basement service that ends up wasting your time and money. But if you believe in paying for quality results then you'll probably find my services very inexpensive.
Initially my clients pay me a monthly retainer depending on how much work we do together and the complexity of the issues there are to deal with. This ranges from around $1,000 to $2,500 per month. If you don't get a positive return, obviously you'll stop.

Can we pay on results…?
Yep, love it. After a preliminary chat I’ll be able to put together a proposal. Generally this involves a monthly retainer at the lower end of the scale plus a percentage share of the increase in profits, and/or an equity stake in the business for results achieved.
Cashflow is an issue, how can we afford this…?
If I can’t see a way for you to afford something that you agree is viable I won’t go ahead.
I accept credit cards though and can often come up with a win/win payment plan.
What’s the normal time-frame involved…and how much time will we need to put in?
I've worked with clients for up to 5 years, or as little as 3 months. There’s a lot of work involved for me to get up to speed with any business and generally I don’t undertake assignments that are less than three months duration.
I’ll help you to find ways to decrease your workload and still be able to happily find the 3 to 5 hours a week it’s going to take to really improve your business.

What happens when we want to stop…?
You tell me “I want to stop”. For the sake of my cashflow planning we’ll finish up a month from that date.

Can you help me evaluate a business idea or opportunity…?
A decent analysis takes time and before putting any hard cash into a project it’s worth taking a couple of days to do some planning and research. I undertake business planning/evaluation sessions for $1,750 per day. (I’ll give you a free situation overview if you apply on-line using this form). One very valuable free tip I’ll give away here is that sometimes the best result from putting together a business plan is that you decide not to go ahead!

What’s the guarantee…?
Very good question! You want to make sure you arent getting ripped off.
When and if we decide to work together I offer a one month, no questions asked money back guarantee.In the first month , if we’re not seeing that the time and money you’re investing is worthwhile I offer to give you a full refund. I have never had to do that yet because I’m pretty good at what I do, and I’m clear about when and where I’m able to help.

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