Comments from People

Melanie Bardin, Director,
Babta Products Ltd

"John succeeds in doing two very different things at the same time:
in helping people take an eagle-eye view of their operations and opportunities,
he manages to give them a high-level overview
while at the same time helping them work out what they need to focus on to take their business to the next level.

A sophisticated and practical presentation with considerable warmth and humour."

Clare Feeney, Director,
Environmental Communications Ltd

"John is a very special kind of speaker. Becuase of his sheer size and relaxed manner he actually grabs your attention immediately.
You also get a sense that he is goling to be very funny, and he is. However he is also very savvy about his topic.
I can honestly recommend John to any audience - he has such an appealing nature - he relates to everyone. A rare talent."

Ann Andrews CSP,

"the main benefit i found when working with john was to actually unshackle my thinking.This then allowed me to explore aspects of behaviour."

Kevin Rissetto,

"We learned to justify our pricing to customers and walk them through it.

We then got big jobs with awesome money and clients happy with the result."

Willy and Afina,
1st Rate Master Painters and Decoraters

"Being a high energy fast paced person i found that johns calm logical methodical way of speaking with quiet inspirational thinking flashes helped me find structure in my days.

He helps you find a difference in your profession ,to stand out from the crowd and focus on your strengths."

"He helps make your message to the public a clear concise one,easily remmebered and identifiable.A memorable hook."

Pauline Lancaster ,
Charlton Realty ,Harcourts

"I have used John for the last six months. He has helped me focus on my core business whilst reinforcing strategies that work.
He has challenged my thinking on how to expand my business without losing sight of profitability."

Mark Lewisham,

"i was a bit reluctant but when i put into practise what i had learnt at the workshops the result in changing relationships with staff was outstanding."

Souraya Souames,
Goodman Fielder

"Hiring John was, to date, the best business decision I've made.
Being a new business I um'ed and ah'ed over the financial commitment but decided I could really get something out of it which would far out way the cost ... and I did.

In just the first session John had me scrutinizing my products and services from angles I had not considered, choosing a path to lead me into the future and working out what the most important thing was that I needed to focus on to make progress and get results.

Since working with John as a guide, and a sounding board, my sales have increased
and I have a clear picture of where the future is taking my business."

Tanya Greedy,
Humingbird Events

....we needed help to have a unique point of difference from the competitors....

I’m an entrepreneur with a range of interests in fast food and mining. Working long hours , i dont have a lot of patience.
There is nothing worse than people that take forever to get to the point.

Competeting against big international franchise companies we needed help to have a unique point of difference from the competitors.
John Cook helped me in a number of different projects, but most notably in the re-branding and re-packaging of a group of my fast-food franchises.

John was very quickly able to come up with a range of different solutions for our branding and helped me implement the changes without a lot of hassle.

The final outcome has been a happier group of franchisees and I’m happier too as the whole exercise has ended up with more money in my bank.

George Christofidis
Mediterrean foods

....ideal for me to focus on the key issues for success of my business.....

I tend to be full of ideas and exude this verbosely. Thank you for your patience,great listening ability with appropriate points of order, which gave direction, enabled the big picture to be seen and yet channeled these ideas into succinct sentences. This has been ideal for me to focus on the key issues for success of my business.

You helped me identify my strengths and then precisely bring this to a one sentence statement that has been useful to base my overall business plan upon.

During your sessions I also came up with my unique difference and target clients which have formed the basis for my strategic marketing plan.

If anyone is contemplating when to get started with you as a Business Coach, I would say immediately. The earlier you are focused the easier the plan unfolds and appropriate actions can begin.

Thanks John I certainly found you honest, upfront and dependable. You also e-mailed me promptly after our sessions with a summary and agreed actions.

Please don't hesitate to invite anyone to contact me if they want testimony to how effective your business coaching style and process can be.

Paul R Meyer
Keynote Speaker and Author

....We got immediate results from his fast analysis.....

With some people you have to explain things twice or more before they get it. What I enjoyed about working with John is that I didn’t have to waste any of my time whilst he got himself up to speed. He went from 0 to 100 in no time and being a great self starter meant I could trust him to get on with a whole lot of stuff straight away.

We got immediate results from his fast analysis of what was happening and he seemed to see the whole big picture of what was going on in our business immediately.

Jovan Petrovic
McDonalds, Auckland

....always been able to gain the trust.....

You never know who you can really trust to get where you want to go. I have coached rowing for many years, at all levels, right the way up to Olympic gold medal winner.

I have known John Cook as a highly competent rowing coach who has had many successes.

John is an excellent communicator and motivator, who has always been able to gain the trust and respect of any group he’s working with quickly.

Had john continued his coaching in New Zealand I have no doubt he would have achieved at the highest levels.

Pat McQuinn
South Island Rowing

....proven himself as a qualified and efficient coach.....

Many people arent qualified to advise and help. My name is Harald Blum, and I have been the South-African National and Olympic Rowing Coach. 
On behalf of the South African Rowing Union I'd like to confirm that in the ten years that John's been involved at a national level he's proven himself as a qualified and efficient coach and trainer.
Should there be any questions regarding Mr. Cook’s involvement please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cape Town, 02.April 2009
Harald Blum


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62a Vale Road, St Heliers, Auckland 1071